Virtual Reality

Application of VR technology

Virtual reality is used in manufacturing, construction, medicine, education, games and other areas. VR is relevant when you want to create a virtual environment by moving the user with the maximum immersion process. VR is used not only in games and education, but also in medicine, art, sales and many other areas.

Now you can learn through virtual VR platforms without leaving your home, interact with the virtual world using manipulator devices, and get a unique user experience. And after learning in virtual reality, you can play and immerse yourself in the virtual environment as much as possible. On educational VRplatforms, you can study human anatomy, the structure of cells, the principle of operation of engines, space bodies and more.

During the period of self-isolation, VR devices gained popularity. People spend more and more time in virtual worlds. More new VR-cinemas, VR-tours appear.

In the near future, VR devices will be equipped with 5G, become fully mobile, convenient, functional, and virtual worlds will become an alternative to our reality.

VR Games

Virtual reality technology has found its audience in VRgames. Many VRgames, unlike PC games, provide the player with an additional gaming experience due to the presence effect. Millions of players around the world are playing virtual reality. Formed the whole community of like-minded, active discussion, games and VR-set in the forums.

VR games come in a variety of genres, from arcade and simulation games to 3D shooters. First-person VR games provide as much immersion as possible in the character’s role. Some VR games involve the whole body. Controllers provide additional gaming experience transforming into a VR-environment as the character’s hands or arms.

VR Skater from developer Deficit Games can delight players with a mixture of arcade and skateboarding simulator.

Half-Life: Alyx showed excellent physics of interaction with objects in a virtual world, immersive gameplay, excellent lighting and shadows, support for compatible VR systems Valve Index, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. She received the award “Game of the Year” by the magazine Forums – the best games of 2020, and “Game of the Year in VR” from Steam Awards 2020.

VR clubs provide an opportunity to play VR relatively inexpensively, and there are more and more VR clubs. A trip to a VR club by a company is a great solution for spending an evening.

Virtual reality devices

In the field of VR and MR tech giants involved, such as Facebook with glasses Oculus Rift, Quest and Quest 2, with the Sony PlayStation VR, Microsoft with HoloLens and others. Manufacturers are making a lot of users on the controller support and pointing device to a full wireless dive. Each year, VRdevice manufacturers drive the industry forward with innovation and innovation by developing new devices, and software developers are actively developing VR software and games.

Apple company has been developing its own VR headset for a long time, as many insiders talk about. In addition, we all know how Apple treats its devices, working out every little detail, since the company produces premium products and users’ expectations for the product are always overestimated. In addition, Apple has repeatedly shown that it is ahead of the rest in technological terms and has a huge number of ideas and patents that it embodies in its devices.

Facebook Reality Labs, a full-time division of the company that develops virtual reality and augmented reality devices, has more than 10,000 employees, which is 20% of the company’s entire staff in the world (according to the information resource “The Information”).

Microsoft suggests using HoloLens 2 to interact with the holograms in mixed reality. There are no wires, this is a stand-alone device. The company provides solutions to work together in real time, to help employees to learn practical skills using step by step instructions, solutions to the health sector.

Sony offers Playstation VR for its next generation console for the ultimate virtual gaming immersion. Game exclusives can be purchased on the console. The VR headset features a 120fps OLED screen for fluid imaging. PlayStation Camera tracks the position in space of the headset and controller from any angle thanks to dual lenses and 3D depth detection technology. The device has a built-in microphone and supports surround sound technology to determine the exact distance to sound from all directions.

The list of devices is far from complete and is constantly expanding with new devices. By the way, there are helmet solutions on the VR market, in which you can insert a smartphone that supports the technology and get a VR experience.

VR in development

VR and 3D-modeling in construction is used at all stages of the modern building. Creating 3D-models in construction gives an insight into the scale of construction, the future of the building from all angles. 3D-model of the building can be viewed in a virtual environment and to abandon some are not successful or controversial decisions in favor of the best in the early stages of construction, when it is less expensive.

A 3D-model of a building can be built into the exterior, work out the parking lot, green spaces and other elements of the surrounding area and evaluate the whole picture and scale of the future structure.

Development of 3D-models cheaper and faster development of the physical layout of the building on a smaller scale. In addition, the model can be posted on the website and rotated in 3D, and the physical model can only be shown in the sales office or you can try to take high-quality photos, but the effect will not be the same.

Our company offers 3D, AR and VR solutions to developers for presenting apartments to buyers in the sales department or online. A huge problem for the developer at the initial stages of sales, when the buyer wants to see the apartment in which he will live, and instead sees only the foundation pit. The starting solution for the developer will be an order for the development of a 3D visualization of the building and the adjacent territory. We develop such a 3D model according to the drawings and at the output we have the maximum similarity with the future building even before the start of construction, which, by the way, may take several years.

Virtual reality and 3D-modeling our company uses for modeling the interiors. The client can see his future apartment on a smartphone, with color options for walls, ceilings and floors. We use the developer’s drawings, so the square will be accurate, and the bathroom, windows and communications will be in place.

The apartment can be filled with furniture and decorative elements. For maximum customer immersion, sales departments use VR glasses. A person literally gets into his future apartment and can walk through it!

If the apartment is chosen by the whole family, then in the sales department, family members can watch the process of the VRtour on the screen in real time or try to walk on their own.

Many families cannot decide on the choice of layout, the number of rooms, and cannot estimate the size of an apartment by square. VR in construction will put everything in its place. The user is positioned between the floor, ceiling and walls of the apartment as if he were in the room. The furniture is on the right scale. You can go to the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom.

We offer developers to build in a real view from all windows of the apartment! For this we use a panoramic quadcopter. Especially true for apartments with a beautiful view. Approaching the window in VR customer will see the view from the floor on which lies flat. If there are several windows, respectively, the views will be different.

The interior in virtual reality

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