Project Management

How does management affect processes?

Self-organized teams are more of a myth than a real practice. Any team has a leader and a manager – a manager who takes responsibility for the overall result. In modern projects, there is a customer with requirements for the final product, as well as the deadline and allocated budget for its development. Developers do not work for the sake of work, and perform tasks according to the technical specification.

In the IT-development, regardless of the direction, whether it is software or web development, management present. Project manager consolidates the requirements to the final product, and prescribes an action plan for its implementation. Understanding of SDLC and knowledge of modern management methodologies allows managers to decompose a project into tasks, draw up the papers to match labor within budget and deadlines.

The project manager doesn’t just set tasks and check their progress. He creates and manages workflows. A good manager performs the most diverse tasks. He prescribes a strategy, determines the estimate of tasks, calculates deadlines, and manages risks. The manager assumes responsibility to the customer for the entire project and the success of the team, while the area of responsibility of the developers often ends with their own tasks and their part of the work.

The project manager creates a bridge between the customer and the developers. The customer transfers information through the project manager who translates it into an action plan and tasks that are understandable for developers. Soft-skills are very important for Project manager. Need to be a good speaker, be able to communicate and convey thoughts, filter information and speak to the point. A manager must have an analytical mindset, strategic thinking, be able to act according to the situation and make management decisions. Having a good project manager allows you to save the budget for software development for an IT company, and the customer can receive a project on time.

What is the secret of our company management?

Our management system is based on modern management methodologies. We have a complex system of distribution of duties and responsibilities, a systematized structure of projects and a hierarchy of subordination. Thanks to this, the TOP-managers of the company are always aware of everything that is happening in all projects and processes in real time. The developers know their tasks and work clearly according to the technical specification, and the customer receives reports and finished projects on time.

It would seem that in the areas of 3D modeling, AR, VR, software development and the web, this is impossible, but not for us.

First of all, our team has a solid foundation. The top management of the company is carried out by a CEO with extensive management experience. In addition, our CEO of the company is directly involved in each project and is interested in success as a stakeholder. We involve our Project manager and Product manager on all projects. The service station of the company is responsible for the implementation of technical issues. All our managers work in synergy and form a scope of tasks for developers, designers and marketers.

Our developments

The management of our company is a complex structured system of processes and algorithms. We always know what needs to be done and how, we can calculate the cost and terms. We have been looking for an ideal management system for a long time, carefully analyzed modern management methodologies and finally developed our own unique system. We selected the best artifacts from each methodology, which we rethought and refined, made them work in synergy.

We have developed our own CRM system for our projects, in which we have implemented machine learning algorithms.

Initially, we wanted to use it as a commercial project, but we are not yet ready, since it turned out to be invaluable in terms of the efforts and resources invested in it. In addition, we faced commerce, bureaucracy, the complexity of bringing a product of this level to the market, and marketing.

The functionality of our CRM system is diverse and multifaceted. The program, like artificial intelligence, analyzes tasks and workflows, understands workflow, and can estimate the approximate cost and development time using known data. But it still requires constant interaction with the project manager, who updates project data, prioritizes tasks and makes management decisions.

Business processes and technical documentation

Our company has clearly defined business processes. For each event, we have a certain algorithm of actions. In Mobile-development or website development, we take into account all the nuances that arise in the process of work. Much time is devoted to writing technical documentation and its analysis. In difficult technical issues, we turn to our service station and Solution Architect to find solutions, and the Technical Writer is involved in writing a competent technical specification. As a result, the developers receive a technical specification, which takes into account all the technical issues and work on a product that will ultimately be thoughtful and logical.

In management, we devote a proper part of our work to Agile and Scrum processes, communication and teamwork. Within the sprint, checkpoints are identified. A facilitator is present at every meeting, daily, grooming and retrospective. We document not only technical processes, but also all sprints, raised questions and discussions. This information is structured using a CRM system and helps to return to a specific question at any time and get a quick answer without unnecessary services.

Outsourcing and outstaff services

Own CRM-system – it is not only our development. Bumping into problems in projects, we closed the holes in the shortest possible time and gained invaluable experience, which we were able to transfer to our software products.

We have found application for our developments by providing outsourcing and outstaff services. We can take your project or idea into work and fully implement it on our work resources. Depending on the technology stack used, we involve the appropriate specialists. There is a variant of cooperation, when our project manager is introduced into your development team at any stage of the project and brings it to the end under his own control. You receive reporting and observe the workflow as a Product Owner, adding your wishes at any stage of development.

Consulting services in IT

Our CEO and managers consult third-party IT-companies of Agile development, human resource management, flexible management. We implement Scrum tools in the teams of companies for iterative software development. For companies with a clear sequence of processes, we have various waterfall models to help structure processes and tasks. Our manager adjusts the documentation for the needs of your company, taking into account all the nuances.

We implement our software products and train your managers to use them. We improve the qualifications of your managers. We are working on their weaknesses in the management, helping to understand the technical part of projects or processes in the case of gaps. We teach risk management. We help your managers to make correct and more balanced decisions in the course of their work.

We help IT companies to get out of the old outdated space and move to more flexible Agile development. We prescribe a clear step-by-step plan for the transition to modern management. Our management algorithms in the implementation of the company and the team help to save budget and time for software development.

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