Interior design

Development of a design project apartments, houses, office helps to plan maintenance and to understand the expected result. A properly compiled design project helps to assess the cost of repair, pick up the necessary materials in the correct quantity, prepare for possible problems. A full package of drawings, which is included in the design project, gives contractors to understand all the nuances in the process of redeveloping or repairing an apartment.

Designer makes lighting plan of rooms for a comfortable stay. He makes the zoning room to relax, work, sleep, rest, cooking and eating. Creates a special atmosphere for each room. We also provide authoring design solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, balconies.

We provide design solutions in terms of interior design, furniture and filling furniture settings with decor elements. The designer selects all materials, designs collages with the selection of materials and colors of the walls, floors and ceilings. It is engaged in the selection of furniture and creates a plan for its placement.

3D visualization of the interior makes it possible to understand the visual solution of the future premises, evaluate the placement of furniture and decorative elements.

Industrial design

Industrial design – a study of facility design, a new product, a functional object to run in production.

When developing an industrial design, many factors are taken into account. The designer must take into account all the nuances. The developed item may consist of several spare parts and different materials, as well as has special properties, purpose, functionality. It is necessary to take into account the electronics, wires, lights, color and placement. The form factor of the future product is also taken into account.

In industrial design, all stages of development are very important. First developed a prototype of the product, in order to be able to compare the result with the expected and make changes at an early stage, if necessary, when it is not so expensive as it was already in the finished product. After receiving the design or prototype, you can rethink the need for functional and technical or design and visual decisions of the final product.

The industrial design is often used of 3D-modeling and visualization technology. You can see the model of object in volume and rotate in 3D.

UX/UI design

User Interface, UI – is a development of the visual component of the website or mobile application. This is design of the mobile application screen interface, the work area of the website pages, the size and color of the visual elements. UX/UI designer develops a website layout, taking into account its visual component, makes the site beautiful and pleasant to perception.

User Experience, UX is a development of design elements aimed at convenient use. The designer develops the logic of placement of elements on each page of website or mobile application screen so that the user would be convenient to use.

Business packaging

Business packaging is a set of events aimed at creating a brand. The designer chooses the color, style and works out the details of the visual elements of the company, is developing a logo, corporate identity, brandbook.

Business Package – a complicated technological and design process. Our designers and marketers conduct a comprehensive business analysis, its target audience, goods or services, competitors. Brand promotion strategy is being developed:

  • How to turn goods and services to value?
  • Who to offer products and services?
  • How to present products and services to the target audience?
  • How to visually pack goods and services?
  • How to communicate with customers (Tone of Voice)?
  • How and where to advertise products and services?

It all starts with the construction of a brand, with its positioning on the market, the presentation of the company’s goods and services. Formed community, trust and recognition. There is a growth and development of the brand.

Furniture design

Furniture design has any different as standard 3D-models design. Designer is necessary to develop the visual component and functionality of the furniture headset. For design furniture design, drawings are used for furniture assembling machines under the cutter for each part. Painting and assembly of furniture in production is carried out on the basis of the developed technical documentation. If the end user receives furniture in a disassembled form, it must have a clear assembly instruction and a set of necessary spare parts.

3D-modeling and visualization of furniture in the interior helps to evaluate object visually. To download and use the models on the web-site, we adapt the model and convert her to a supported format. The ability to rotate in 3D on the website gives the buyer a full-fledged visual understanding, and for the store increases the conversion.

We also develop catalogs for printing in typography or marketing kits to promote products on websites and in social networks.

3D-modeling of furniture

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