Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows you to interact in real time using a tangible object in synergy with 3D. In simple words, augmented reality by its action expands the interaction with reality.

AR is adored by children in games, adolescents are actively using on social networks, and when adults see them, they get indescribable feelings and a WOW effect.

Our company provides visual solutions for business using augmented reality technology. We create an additional AR action for an individual element or object.

AR virtual postcards

Augmented reality

  • AR is progress that will change our lives. The current generation does not know a world without AR-masks and filters for photo. Augmented reality makes our everyday life more colorful;
  • AR is something new – really new, not a rethinking of the old. Augmented reality technology dilutes the era of meaningless innovation with its presence. People are delighted with this innovation and the fans of the technology are more and more;
  • AR is more fun than anything. Now much more interesting to involve the child to read the book with augmented reality than the usual boring text for him. Social life has moved to online and AR–masks and AR-filters have taken an important place in it;
  • AR is interactive and addictive. The whole point of augmented reality is to expand the interaction with the object. We can touch a certain object, and with the help of AR technology we get an additional visual user experience.

AR for goods and gifts

How Augmented Reality Works

Our team of 3D-artists creates a virtual 3D-model in 3D space and docks it with a real object. For example, for AR–masks, this can be a face.

To use augmented reality, you can use a separate element or object – a postcard, business card, inscription, logo, etc. After that, any user of the product will be able to interact with him in an additional AR environment using a smartphone or tablet.

AR in interior design

Difference between AR and VR

We create AR visualizations to enhance user experience. We help business to present a product or service, show it to its customers in a modern form.

Augmented reality is different from virtual reality. Virtual reality creates a unique three-dimensional space, and augmented reality expands the real space with unique visual additions.

AR does not need a helmet or headset. To interact with an object in augmented reality, you only need a smartphone, an application and an object for scanning.

The interior in virtual reality

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