3D modeling & visualizations

Development of 3D models

Our team is developing 3D-models of various quality from low-poly to Ultra-High Poly. We do not use template solutions and do not buy models in stocks. We develop every 3D-model with an individual approach by working closely with the designers.

When developing a 3D-model, its size and dimensions are required, since we make high-precision models, including machine tools and prints on a 3D printer. Our 3D-models correspond to the amount of the polygon and the format of the source file for the needs of your project.

The simulation process is carried out in the 3DsMax and Blender 3D program. Developing textures occurs in the Substance Painter program. We make our texture as realistic as possible. In the development of 3D-models we use the correct UV-scan that enables textured the model from all angles of 360 degrees.

3D furniture modeling

3D models for business

3D-models are actively used in business and e-commerce. On the websites, the user can see, bring closer, twist in a 3D modeled object, not just a photo of low quality goods.

Make a photo of a large-sized product, such as furniture, is quite problematic and expensive. With 3D furniture modeling, you can insert an object in any interior and show the buyer as it will look like. On sites with WebGL or WASM, the user can change the color solution of furniture and the interior in real time.

We adapt the models for Websites and mobile devices. We make high-quality renders with proper lighting, photorealistic shadows. we set up a post-processing as close as possible to the 3D-model of reality.

We provide AR-solutions with application of 3D-models by opening additional opportunities for interaction.

Industrial design in 3D

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