About Stanimat company

We provide designer and innovative business solutions in the form of high-quality and selling visualizations. 💎

We help business make competently package of their services with our visual and creative solutions. 🎯

Our company uses 3D modeling technologies, virtual and augmented reality. We are developing unique visualizations for business, presentations and sales. 👁

All our specialists work in synergies providing comprehensive solutions for your business.🧑‍💻

We provide UX/UI design services, industrial design, interiors and exteriors design. 🎨

  • We work with architects, we develop design projects for apartments and houses. Our 3D artists make amazing 3D visualization of the buildings.
  • Our 2D artists make arts, illustrations, materials for printing.
  • Our designers work in tandem with online marketers. We are engaged in complex business packaging. Create a brand promotion strategy. We make a logo, brand book, and corporate identity. We will make web-site and SEO-strategy, social networks. Our creative artists will make naming and slogan for you business, tone of voice company.

We develop 3D-models from Low Poly for Web to Ultra High Poly for AAA projects.🕋

  • We integrate our models in the Web and creating amazing websites. Each model can be twisted in 3D, look from all angles and under different lighting. You can change the color, texture, 3D-model dimensions.
  • We make beautiful and interactive 3D tours.
  • Also we are engaged in sculpting characters in Zbrush, riging. We are modeling in 3dDsMax and Blender 3D. We work with UE and Unity engines where we develop mobile applications and games in which our 3D models integrate.
  • We make Motion design and VFX effects.

We provide services of a full cycle of website development and SEO. 🔍

  • Our company develop websites for all needs – business card site, corporate website, landing page, online store or the company’s services page.
  • We have worked out flexible interaction algorithms in the preparation of spelling the technical task to develop a website.
  • We accompany our clients at all stages of development of the website. We help to choose the right domain name and hosting.
  • We prescribe all the wishes of the client on the website in a understandable brief. We analyze the task and calculate the term and order of work.
  • Our web-designers and web-developers embody ideas to life by collecting a full website.
  • SEO-experts involved in promoting the website and SMM-specialists are pages in social networks and work with the audience.
  • Our Internet-marketers and SEO-specialists work in synergies. They analyze the market, target audience, make up the content plan for the promotion of the website. SEO-keys collect and leave a technical task on articles for copywriters, which in turn write selling texts, SEO-texts, articles for blog and social networks.

We provide business solutions using augmented reality technology. 👁‍🗨

  • We make AR-masks and AR-filters for social networks. 
  • We draw and simulate virtual AR-cards and 3D-gifts for your loved ones.
  • We offer services for additional AR-visualization of goods for mass-market production and e-commerce.
  • We visualize complex objects with 3D-modeling and applying the technology of augmented reality so that anyone can consider an object at any angle using smartphone.

Our company is developing a virtual reality solutions. 👓

  • We make VR games, 3D tours, virtual walks through the streets and premises.
  • We provide VR solutions for real estate sales departments and developers, where housing buyers can “take a walk” in VR in apartment, even at the initial stages of construction.
  • For travel agencies, we make VR tours, where travelers can choose a tour of countries in VR directly from the sales department.
  • For industrial production, we are developing instructions in VR for employees. In VR, the maximum immersion in the process takes place. Employees are full instructing on working with machines and industrial equipment without risk for life, as it can be in production.

We provide a range of management services and consulting, as well as outsource and outstaff.👔

  • Our Project Managers and CEO advise other IT-companies of Agile development, human resource, project and product management. We help implement Scrum tools in the company and the team for iterative software development.
  • We increase the qualifications of managers. We are working on weaknesses in the management, helping to understand the technical side if necessary. We teach risk management and help managers subsequently make the right and more balanced solutions in the process of their work.
  • We help IT companies to switch to Agile development. Our management algorithms in the implementation of the company and team help to save budget.
  • Our Top-management Department can take a project at any stage and bring it to the end if necessary. We attract our employees to your projects or take your development team under your management to develop a project.
  • Our product or project manager can make a stakeholder on your project, make your ideas and help in their implementation.

We develop mobile games (including AR) and mobile applications with complex and non-standard logic. 🎮

  • In mobile development, we all think carefully.
  • UX/UI designer is working on a nice and user-friendly interface.
  • 3D-artists create models and textures.
  • Lvl-designers creates a game world.
  • Developers implement and develop logic.
  • QA makes thorough testing.
  • Product manager is involved throughout the development.
  • Project Manager controls the setting and execution of tasks.

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